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In column 1, you wrote the number of the guy you're dating, in column 2 his name, and in column 3, what you ranked him on scale from "Maybe, let's have one more drink" to "Never in a million years" (no joke, it said that on the scale).

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In fact, it may be wise to be skeptical if someone says that dating apps make dating even a little bit better.After all, you’re still meeting strangers whom you know little about.

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Similarly, I am also a young, attractive, shallow person.

And you’re still exercising a lot of trust to operate under the assumption that these strangers aren’t lying to you. Read on to check out a few of the reasons why you’re likely to find that your dating app of choice doesn’t really improve what happens once you’ve met a potential partner.

That takes guts whether your initial conversations take place in person or via an app. And they make romance and relationships a little easier to access, particularly if you’re not big on striking up conversations with strangers in person. There’s no denying that dating apps make it easier to find other people.

And, if you're an attractive user, name the price you want to get paid for the first date.

Our offer negotiating system will allow you to accept an offer, reject an offer, or counter with a different price.