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His parents support him a lot about his career choice that was somewhat modest in the start but shortly got the support he needed from his parents.

This marked the Giants' seventh World Series title in franchise history, their second in San Francisco (they won five in New York), and their second in a three-year period (2010–2012).

Another Lin Milano company, Safe Searching, provides webhosting and site design for mostly low-level celebrities who want kid-friendly websites.

In 2003, saying that she felt the need to use her celebrity to make the world a better place, Milano became a UNICEF Ambassador.

In the late 1990s, when naked photos and films of Milano began circulating widely on the internet, she formed a company with her mother, Lin Milano, called Cybertrackers.

It sends threatening letters and, if necessary, sues businesses distributing unauthorized Milano nudes -- generally either pictures of her head photoshopped onto another woman's body, or stills from movies in which she appeared nude.