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This tree prior is most suitable for trees describing the relationships between individuals in the same population/species.

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“Your roots are showing,” he says again, gesturing weakly at her hair. Those two lines in the opening scenario are both real approaches recommended by, one of a massive range of websites giving advice on this and other pick-up techniques. ” “If your face was as good as your legs I'd have to marry you.” “Nice eyes – even though one is bigger than the other.” “How brave of you to wear an outfit like that,” and even: “You have a great body. ” (The last interviewee adds that she was, at the time, bulimic.) A day spent browsing – which is full of pleasant little tidbits like: “all women will turn into whores and gang-bang the whole football team if you can bring down her anti-slut defense” – is not a happy day.

Someone appears to have given an implicit promise: verbal negativity means sexual success.

During a brief interlude, the family confessor, Father Pirrone, visits his home village.

Two years later a ball is held in Palermo and attended by the main cast.

The actual story, bearing in mind Tolstoy’s maxim that no plot should be too complex to explain to a barmaid, is straightforward enough.

After an opening chapter in which Don Fabrizio visits a Palermo bordello, the Salina family removes itself to one of the family’s semi-feudal estates, Donnafugata, where Don Fabrizio’s adopted nephew, the irresistible but penniless Tancredi Falconieri, falls for Angelica, the beautiful daughter of upwardly-mobile middle-class politico Don Calogero, thereby dashing the amorous hopes of Concetta, Don Fabrizio’s daughter.

It is about control, putting the man in charge of the interaction by pushing the woman to earn his approval.

“You know,” he says, “you look just like my little sister.” You may never have come across this bizarre phenomenon before, but in various forms it is being practised as a seduction technique around the world. The idea is to undermine a woman's confidence by making backhanded or snide remarks – give a compliment with one hand, and take away with the other.

Carlos Xuma is one of the Internet's foremost dating advisors.

In the words of Leo’s father, Wolf, “The GDR was always there in bed with us.” The story begins with Leo’s grandparents who, in their own ways, were both ardent supporters of the East German regime.

The two sides of Leo’s family could not have been more different.

It is difficult to imagine now, almost 25 years on, that a place like the German Democratic Republic ever really existed.

And yet when author and journalist Maxim Leo was growing up in East Berlin in the Seventies and Eighties the GDR was not only real, it was omnipresent.