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DS has developed an entire 12 FAM chapter, 12 FAM 270 - Security Reporting, that is intended to be the primary source employees can go to find security reporting requirements. covers processes relating to marriage and cohabitation with foreign nationals, implication of dual citizenship on your security clearance as well as other incidents that employees with clearances must report (such as arrest, bankruptcy, etc.).

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I loved all the configuration options, their way of threading comments, and especially the functional and attractive emailing system. I hear from readers consistently through social media, email, and in my comments.

They have various options available for managing, moderating, and changing the appearance of comments. From time to time, I hear complaints about certain things. But at the same time, complaints can occasionally represent a tiny percentage of a group – and sometimes they represent a majority.

So the extent of what I was doing to help my little blog along was these three things: That last move was driven by a desire for speed. If the servers didn’t have as much to load, they would be faster. So I thought I had killed anything ad-related on my site. What I didn’t realize or pay attention to was that Disqus might have its own agenda and one that wasn’t aligned with my own. And the hope is that it will also help my site’s performance. They get paid when they can leverage what they know. This is what the general manager of advertising David Fleck said “We have the largest and deepest audience profiles on the web,” which I first read on Matt’s blog. By turning off the plugin, I have gone back to the native commenting system that comes with Word Press – and it works just fine.

Integrating social plugins into your website is pretty straight forward.In this post, I’m going to walk you through my experiences with Disqus as a blog owner, my readers’ experiences with it, and the advantages and disadvantages of Disqus.We’ll also cover how it could affect you in your online efforts. From the standpoint of a blog owner, I have nothing but good to say about the back end and functionality of Disqus. One of the great things about my audience is they regularly communicate with me.The only problem is we don't know when that's done, and it also fills in "0 comments" for us when we may not want it to.If you haven't noticed already, the modified version uses j Query in two places.Sometimes we get a nice callback option to know when values have been filled in.