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Nor does it represent the opinion of my dog, because I don’t have one. I have a project that I coppied the above code into. Data Keys[Row Index]["Customer ID"]in the Update event it would be something like:int Customer ID = Convert. Format Exception: Input string was not in a correct format.

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Still, he somehow made time on Thursday (Day 1 of my fave month in all of the year—when factoring in London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, that is) to give me the lowdown on his jam-packed first month-and-a-half in NYC, his good genes and the day he was discovered—which included a bit of flattery, which so happens to be the key to my heart. ” Wild guess…A genuinely-sweet, modest and adorably-handsome boy with a matching reputation, it’s safe to state that 18-year-old RJ (a De Smet graduate) is being heavily-cyber-stalked by his hometown entourage this week—his first New York Fashion Week, in which he is walking a number of top shows.I don't really have that sort of strong gender identity I identify as what I am.OK, the "hot boys" thread, why post pictures of people who are technically men but look like women? I don't remember many "butch dykes" in the "hot girls" thread. Louis Galleria—by an awesome, sexy lady by the name of Jill Manoff. A week after I left, I was being flown back out to meet with Calvin Klein; that’s when I realized that something could actually come out of this. RJK: In 5 years, when I’m 23…I see myself continuing to follow my dreams. ” It only took two or three such comments for me to catch on, after which I started referring to my younger interns as the “RJ King Fan Club”, and began to test my theory. ” I asked his supervisor at Splash—where he was, at the time, working regular shifts. “They don’t get anything done.” I was soon sold on the fact that, if young RJ was not indeed the official heartthrob of the local high school set, he was—at the very least—to the Galleria boutique what Jerry Jerrod was to Raw (rando “SATC” reference; I do that…); the store never saw more plaid skirts (it’s a private-schoolgirl hangout, no? More recently, just days after he moved to NYC to build on the modeling career he started in STL (he’s currently signed with Re: Quest Model Management), I was shoot shopping in Kirkwood and overheard a super-cute teen worker talking about her friend who spent New Year‘s Eve in Times Square. He certainly has a way with the ladies…JM: Were you “discovered“? RJK: I was discovered while working at Splash in the St. RJK: I decided to move to New York after visiting a friend in October, and visiting some agencies while I was here.

She was highly encouraging when this opportunity presented itself to me.

Incidentally, Sucker Punch was a terrible movie but Jon was glorious as always in it: Speaking of Mad Men, I'll always have a soft spot for Aaron Staton: ALSO CAN I JUST SET UP AN RSS TO POST FROM MY TUMBLR TO HERE BECAUSE MY TUMBLR'S PRETTY CHOCKABLOCK WITH HOT BOYS.

Robbie Wadge: Repeatedly: In various positions: Victor Norlander (because he's Swedish and my hair twin): Moar RJ: And lastly Philipp Bierbaum and his freckles and his nose: I have a feeling I won't even touch the NIN forums, but I'll be right at home here in this thread. In this society, if a man is called a woman, that's the biggest insult he could get.

I worked off and on for a while before moving to NYC. I miss my family and my bed and my niece, Layla, and nephew, Mozart (they’re my sister’s dogs). She was signed on a three-month contract, and hated it so much that she left after four weeks. JM: What would you consider the ultimate modeling gig? RJK: Ultimate modeling gig would have to be the cover of . –Pixies Band- Right now, I’ve been Listening to Billy Joel and Florence The Machine.

She asked me if I was a model, and—when I told her I wasn’t—she gave me her email and had me send her some digitals. The official move date was December 30; I wanted to be here for NYE! It’s inspiring in so many different ways, and the energy level is unlike any other city I’ve been to. RJK: She skipped New York, and went straight to Milan. My sister’s trainer from school wrote me a crazy routine for Fashion Week, and it’s been busting my ass. Set a reasonable goal, and stay focused and determined. Where that will take me, only time will tell.“RJ’s King‘s Favorite Things“: Book- Sh*t My Dad Says Magazine- The New York Times’ azine Movie- Taken Show- Dexter Song- Where Is My Mind?