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Updating a cracked iphone

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They sell it at my local Apple Store so I picked it up right after my appointment with the Mac genius.It might not seem like much of a fix, but I can say that in the last two weeks my phone hasn’t cracked any further and I haven’t yet cut my face open, which is a nice perk. The i Phone’s glass screen might be a beautiful window into one of the best smartphones ever made, but drop it the wrong way, just once, and it’s done for. Since the first day of its release the i Phone has been cracking.Once the screen is cracked the phone will probably still be usable.Of course you have to worry about it cracking further, plus there is the small detail of you having to hold it against your face.

At the moment, things seem pretty even and should satisfy Apple as well.Upgrading to v1.1.1 was until now a difficult decision to make, as it brought some advantages and the huge drawback of no longer being able to use the third part apps that were installed.There was no decision to make for those who had unlocked their i Phone to work in any other network, as the firmware upgrade instantly locked their devices, as Apple had promised prior to the software's release.In fact, they can fix an i Phone 4, 4s, 5, and 5c in about an hour.They can also repair bad charge ports, faulty buttons, water damage, and have replacement batteries.It sounds like a small problem that will surely find its solving, as the current apps are installed and working great.